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The freelance and small business roller-coaster

Updated: May 13, 2020

This is the last year of my life since starting my own freelance business, a decision made by circumstance rather choice, but you know this might actually all work out OK!

1. I’ve got this idea – yeah, it could work. It wouldn’t be so bad, just need to sort out a few things to make it all hang together.

2. This is such a great idea – why didn’t I do this ages ago. I can do all this great stuff. I’m an ideas factory! I can work from home, have such a great work life balance. Wow.

3. Why is this so hard? Why is no-one responding to my emails? Maybe my profile is rubbish? Am I too old? Maybe I should learn new stuff?

4. I’m gonna have to sell the house, I need to get a job.

5. Well, that was a surprise, I’ve actually got an assignment, maybe the house is safe for this month! But I need another – where is that coming from?

6. Hey, maybe all that networking is making a difference? I got referred to another client.

7. So that client wants some regular help so there’s a bit of predictable income. And I’m working with another freelance client now. Maybe I can think about a short holiday ...

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