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Understand your customers challenges!

A client asked about some research to help underpin their upcoming marcomms program last year.

They wanted more insight into where their clients got information, the sources they used, types of information most valued, and the marketing channels they preferred. All quite valid questions.

But it turned out that while the marcomms plan was the end result, underneath all that was the need for a deeper understanding of some specific customer pain points, and to try to uncover new ways of engaging in a meaningful way that conveyed and built upon their brand values.

So we designed a simple online survey to be rolled out globally to their customer database and did some promotion to push up participation. And as part of that survey we invited participation in an in-depth phone interview where we could dig deep into the issues raised in the survey, as well as getting their own story about how our client could really make a big impact.

What we delivered was something far more valuable, insightful and ultimately actionable. Input to a marcomms plan of course, plus a range of new and innovative ways to engage with their customers that would solve real pain points and drive brand values.

A good outcome, and one that has resulted in a new project with them as well!

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