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Time for marketing

The market is quiet, leads are thin, so do you do nothing? No. Now is the time to lean forward, and get on with marketing and promotion. Because you need to get some work in, and you need to be front of mind with prospects and clients as business rebuilds.

So here’s my shortlist of actions to get on with right now.

- Obviously, all the usual LinkedIn things: sharpen your profile, grow your network, engage and post content frequently. Add documents to your profile eg 1-page CV.

- Bring your website up to date. Add a blogpost, and then repost that content to your LinkedIn feed.

- Email clients about availability, keep lines of communication regularly open.

- List out 10 clients you want to do work for. Find relevant senior staff on LinkedIn and reach out. Don’t pitch, just connect and make yourself known. Then list another 10, and repeat.

- Create new offers, case studies, differentiate yourself

The key thing I think is to be visible and widen the net! Potential clients won’t find you if you are not active!

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