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Successfully manage your fieldwork partner

Finding the market research partner for your project is not always straight forward. There are many factors to consider, some of which as mandatory while others are more up to you to decide.

Obviously, the fieldwork partner has to be able to offer the methodologies, geographic coverage, and market segments that you want. There are many potential fieldwork partners that have wide capabilities. That’s the first decision gate, and ideally you work with a partner that can support most if not all your varied fieldwork needs.

But then there are other considerations that are essential to your selection process. Here’s a short checklist.

- Cost. Every project has to work to a budget so fieldwork costs are always important. Get a couple of quotes, look at (and ask) why some might be cheaper than others. Always have a couple of suppliers to call on, and get more than one quote.

- Speed, accuracy and detail of quote. Fast turnaround of quotations is essential, but be critical of what they send back to you, make sure it fits your needs and you are happy with quality.

- Easy to work with, but don’t get supplier lock-in. In my experience one of the most valuable things is developing a business relationship, and being able to easily work with the agency. - - Can you have a methodology conversation with them?

Ideally have a couple of fieldwork firms you work with, and place projects with them both!

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