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Smart City strategy in the post COVID-19 era

The historic approach to smart city solutions doesn’t work well. To respond to new demands in the COVID and post-COVID era, cities can’t rely on planning smart solutions based on just a business case. There are wider needs and concerns to address.

Some fast solutions do need to focus on solving a particular problem, but the key to real and long-lasting success is to create a broader strategy with interconnected solutions. Stop planning isolated smart solutions and plan for a smart city.

There are 6 core steps to create smart cities in 2020 and beyond

· Stop looking at smart city solutions like IT projects. The most effective smart city solutions will be driven by putting the citizen, the human, at the centre of design.

· Start designing for citizen benefit and engagement. People don’t always know what they want but COVID lays bare their needs; behaviours have changed, so study them! Do your homework.

· Start thinking about integrated ‘application constellations’, not silo solutions. While planning to design and implement specific solutions always think how they interlock to the bigger strategy.

· Speed and agility should be commonplace, delivering immediate relevance. COVID has shown the need for fast deployment over a matter of weeks.

· Interface originality is the key - well designed UX to drive uptake.

· There are, and will be, new connectivity opportunities and ways for connectivity providers to drive the smart ecosystem.

Stereoscope can design and implement a research program to underpin your smart city strategy. Deep insight, actionable outcome, strategic analysis.

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